20mm to 25mm Base-adapter Movement Tray – 5×2


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  • No need to rebase your miniatures!
  • 20mm to 25mm adaptor insert allows for installing magnetic sheeting
  • Features four 60mmx2mm recesses on the underside to add magnets, allowing for easy and secure storage & transportation

Furthermore, we’d love to see your work!


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20 to 25mm base-adapter Movement Trays

Introducing our versatile movement trays for Warhammer Fantasy units. These trays allow you to easily adapt 20mm bases to 25mm. Meaning you don’t have to rebase your miniatures, whilst also making it much easier to move your regiment of miniatures during a game.

Just place your already-based miniatures within the gaps, and decorate the top of the insert to match your bases.

Furthermore, for those that add magnets underneath their bases, the adaptor insert allows for magnetic sheeting to be placed directly onto the tray, with the adaptor fitting flush on top. Alternatively, 40mmx1mm magnets can be placed within the allocated indents on the tray for those with magnetic washers or coins underneath their bases.

In addition, 1mm grooves have been placed on the rim of the tray to easily see where the divisions between the larger bases would be to easily tell whether a model is in combat or not.

Additionally, the underside of each corner of the tray features space to fit 60mmx1mm magnets so you can easily and safely transport or store your miniatures on the movement trays.

And there’s more! Our trays are available in multiple sizes, with multiple width and depth options.

Please note that magnets and magnetic sheeting are sold separately. Bases not included and for demonstration purposes only.

Take your gaming experience to the next level and store, transport and move your units across the battlefield with ease!

Furthermore, we’d love to see your work!

Tag @ForgemasterMinis on Instagram and use the hashtag #ForgemasterMinis. We can’t wait to see your artistic talents and showcase your work to our thriving community.

More options available in our shop

Additionally, if you’re looking for more options, browse the store. Our shop is brimming with a diverse range of captivating miniatures. Take a moment to explore our extensive collection, where you’re certain to find further additions to enrich your gaming experience.

Choose Forgemaster Miniatures for an unparalleled journey into the land of shadows, where terror reigns and victory awaits!


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