Corsairs Army Bundle


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  • Includes 15 miniatures.
  • Exclusive ‘Deadly Arrow’ display masterpiece.
  • These miniatures are 28mm scale.
  • Includes one 40mm and fourteen 25mm round plastic bases.


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Corsair Army Bundle – Plunder and Conquer with the Ultimate Pirate Force!

Introducing the Corsair Army Bundle, a treasure trove of adventure and mayhem on the high seas! With 15 meticulously designed 28mm scale miniatures, this bundle is a must-have for wargaming and hobby enthusiasts.

Unleash the power of the pirate horde with Fleetmaster Delamur and Commander Dalgamir leading the charge. These seasoned veterans bring strategic prowess and unrivaled command to your tabletop battles. Joining them are four deadly Arbalesters, armed with crossbows to rain down a barrage of bolts upon your foes.

But that’s not all! The bundle also includes two fearless Captains, ready to inspire their crew and unleash devastating attacks with their cutlasses. The Corsair Bo’suns, with their booming voices and commanding presence, bellow orders that inspire and control their fellow pirates in the heat of battle.

Additionally, let’s not forget the infamous Corsair Reavers, four swashbuckling warriors who strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. With their dual-wielding cutlasses and sharp throwing daggers, they can overwhelm any adversary with their relentless attacks.

What’s more, this bundle includes the exclusive display masterpiece ‘Deadly Arrow.’ This finely crafted miniature depicts an unfortunate Bo’sun who has taken an arrow to the chest, his body fallen back onto the wheel of the ship. With its intricate detailing and dramatic pose, this miniature captures the perilous nature of pirate life on the high seas.

The Corsairs Army Bundle is designed by  Picchiofanatico, known for their exquisite attention to detail and captivating miniatures. Some miniatures in the bundle requires some assembly, allowing you to customize their appearance and bring your own artistic flair to these formidable pirates.

Additionally, the bundle includes fourteen 25mm round plastic bases and one 40mm round plastic base. These miniatures come unpainted, inviting you to bring them to life with your own brushstrokes.

Embrace the pirate’s life and add the Corsairs Army Bundle to your collection today. With a horde of 15 fearsome pirates at your command, you’ll dominate the high seas and conquer any tabletop battlefield.


Furthermore, we’d love to see your work!

Tag @ForgemasterMinis on Instagram and use the hashtag #ForgemasterMinis. We can’t wait to see your artistic talents and showcase your work to our thriving community.


More options available in our shop

Additionally, for further options, browse the store. Explore our extensive collection in the shop and discover a world of captivating pirate-themed miniatures. Choose Forgemaster Miniatures for an unparalleled journey into the realm of pirates, where adventure awaits and victory is yours to claim!


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