Guards of the Black Tower Commanders


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  • Complete your army with this bundle of highly detailed resin miniatures.
  • Includes 3 miniatures.
  • Perfect for 28mm scale wargaming and tabletop battles.
  • Comes with three 25mm round plastic bases.


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Dark Realms Guards of the Black Tower – Dominate the Battlefield with Unrelenting Strength!

Behold the Guards of the Black Tower. A set of three highly detailed and menacing miniatures designed by Dark Lord Miniatures.

The Guards of the Black Tower are elite warriors, feared and revered on the battlefield. With their ferocious strength and imposing stature, they strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Adorned in heavy armour and wielding large shields, they protect their dark lord’s dominion with unwavering loyalty and unwavering might.

With no assembly required, these miniatures showcase the dark and formidable presence of these mighty warriors. Each set includes a Captain, a Warrior proudly bearing a banner, and a Hero commanding the beat of the war drum.

Designed by Dark Lord Miniatures, these ultra-quality resin miniatures exhibit exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Guards of the Black Tower possess an aura of strength and power, surpassing that of ordinary warriors.

Additionally, this set includes three 25mm round plastic bases, allowing you to showcase these fearsome guards on the battlefield or in your dioramas. Stand them tall and witness the awe-inspiring strength of these elite warriors.

Embrace the darkness and enhance your collection with the Dark Realms set. Add the Guards of the Black Tower to your ranks and command a force that strikes fear into the hearts of your adversaries. Order now and unleash the power of the Dark Lord’s elite warriors!


Furthermore, we’d love to see your work!

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More options available in our shop

Additionally, if you’re seeking more choices, explore the store. Dive into our extensive collection and unlock a world of captivating miniatures. Choose Forgemaster Miniatures for an extraordinary journey into a realm filled with endless possibilities, where imagination knows no bounds and victory awaits to be claimed!


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.


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