Orcs Warg Riders with Throwing Spears


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  • Wielding sharp throwing spears.
  • Highly detailed resin miniatures perfect for 28mm scale wargaming.
  • Unleash devastating ranged attacks as these orcs charge into battle.
  • Each kit includes two 40mm round plastic bases.


  • Goblin Warg Riders armed with bows.
  • Exquisitely crafted resin miniatures with intricate details.
  • Perfectly scaled for 28mm tabletop wargaming.
  • Bases included.


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Ride into battle with the Orc Warg Riders with Throwing Spears, an exceptional creation by Medbury Miniatures. These finely sculpted 28mm scale miniatures depict fearsome orcs mounted on swift wargs. Watch out! They are ready to unleash their spears upon unsuspecting foes!

In the heat of battle, these Orc Warg Riders display their deadly prowess. Throwing their spears at the enemy as they charge, they deliver a devastating assault. Additionally, their fast-moving nature and relentless aggression make them ideal shock troops for flanking manoeuvres and disrupting enemy formations.

Designed by the renowned Medbury Miniatures, these Orc Warg Riders embody the spirit of speed, power, and chaos. Their dynamic poses and intricate sculpting make them a must-have for collectors, painters, and wargaming enthusiasts.

With two miniatures included in the set, you can assemble a compact but formidable unit of orc warg riders. Furthermore, each miniature comes with a separate shield. Offering the opportunity for customization and allowing you to create unique combinations within your army. In addition, this set includes two 40mm round plastic bases.

Unleash the swift and deadly force of the Orc Warg Riders with Throwing Spears and command the battlefield with their lightning-fast assaults. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, a passionate hobbyist, or a collector of extraordinary miniatures, these Medbury Miniatures creations are a thrilling addition to any fantasy army.

Prepare to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies as you unleash the raw power and speed of these Orc Warg Riders. Embrace their unrivalled mobility and relentless aggression as you dominate the tabletop and claim victory in the name of chaos and destruction.


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